Teeth Whitening in Circleville, OH

Do you look in the mirror and wonder where your bright, youthful smile has gone? Maybe you like to indulge in coffee and red wine that have left stains on your teeth, or you have a lifelong smoking habit and now have brown stains that you can’t remove when you brush. 

The foods and drinks you consume, lifestyle choices like smoking, and the poor oral hygiene habits all take their toll and leave you with a dull smile and yellow stains on your teeth. Or, like many of us at a certain point, you see the effects of age and wear reflected in your lovely smile.

But the great news is that professional teeth whitening at our Circleville, OH dental office can turn back the clock and restore the bright smile you’d thought was gone forever.

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

It’s so easy to be tempted by store-bought teeth whitening kits at your drug store, isn’t it? They’re available, inexpensive, and they all say that they'll whiten your teeth “in just two weeks!” but do they really work?

The answer is yes, and no. Yes, they will lift some surface staining from your teeth, but there are so many drawbacks to using them, that your best bet is professional whitening at Ely, Dubos & Stewart. Two advantages are that a dentist can prescribe a much more potent whitening product than you can buy over-the-counter. You also have the benefit of a professional team to turn to if you don’t see the results you want or experience any tooth sensitivity or gum irritation.

Three Whitening Options to Meet Your Needs

At our Circleville, OH dental office, we offer three levels of teeth whitening to match your needs.

Optic White Professional Whitening

Optic White Professional is a two-sided device that consists of a whitening tray for your upper teeth on one side and one for your lower teeth on the other. Place the provided whitening gel in the trays and bite down on both sides of the device. Relax for about ten minutes while the gel does its work and lifts stains from your teeth.

Opalescence Custom or Stock Trays

Our dentists take impressions of your teeth to create customized whitening trays that slip comfortably over your teeth. Place the Opalescence gel in the trays and wear them for 20 to 30 minutes a day. The custom trays keep the whitening gel on your teeth and prevent gum irritation.

If you’d like to get started with your teeth whitening right away, we also offer stock trays that you can pick up at our office and don’t require us to take impressions.

Call Us to Get Started with Teeth Whitening

The dentists at Ely, Dubos & Stewart offer professional teeth whitening for our Circleville, OH patients who want to see a brighter, more youthful smile when they look in the mirror. If you have a wedding, reunion, or job interview coming up, teeth whitening will give your smile the boost it needs. 

Please call (740) 474-1900, and we’ll be happy to help you schedule an appointment.